Ushindi Namegabe

Creative Director

Ushindi Namegabe

  • Title:  Creative Director
  • Phone:  571-376-1344
  • Email:

Ushindi is a multi-talented Creative and storyteller, with a passion for capturing the essence of real-world stories and elevate businesses to new heights through captivating Video production. With a wealth of experience in the creative industry, Ushindi has dedicated himself to transforming stories into extraordinary work of art and helping businesses soar to new heights through compelling video production.

Ushindi has had the privilege of collaborating with some of various brands, resorts across the globe, real estate companies, world-changing organizations, and visionary leaders, seamlessly bridging the gap between their ideas and their target audiences. His ability to understand the intricacies of each project allows him to create powerful visual stories that resonate deeply with people, evoking emotions and driving meaningful connections.

From working closely with real estate agents to showcase their listings with visually stunning and engaging content, to crafting impactful commercials that effectively convey the unique narratives of brands and businesses, Ushindi possesses an excellent ability to capture the essence of every project. His creative vision, combined with technical expertise, results in compelling and memorable visual experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ushindi thrives on building connections with like-minded individuals. He believes in the power of community and enjoys engaging with fellow creatives, exchanging ideas, and fostering collaboration.

As an advocate for personal growth and continuous learning, Ushindi stays on the cutting edge of technology, always eager to explore new advancements and incorporate them into his work. When he’s not immersed in his work, you can find him staying active in the gym, cherishing quality time with friends and family, embarking on exhilarating travel adventures to new and inspiring destinations.