Daniel David

Agent Partner

Daniel David

  • Title:  Agent Partner
  • Phone:  571-293-2070
  • Email:  daniel@dwellus.com

As a dedicated real estate agent originally from Baltimore, Maryland, I’ve spent the last three years serving the vibrant North Virginia region. My unique journey has led me to call Arlington, Reston, Leesburg, and Fairfax home, giving me an intimate understanding of the diverse neighborhoods that make up this dynamic area. This deep local knowledge allows me to provide my clients with unparalleled insights into the Northern Virginia and Maryland real estate market.

My background as a professional mentalist has been a surprising asset in my real estate career. My skills as a mentalist, honed through captivating performances for renowned companies like Google, Carnival Cruise Lines, Capital One, Harley Davidson, and Coca-Cola, have uniquely prepared me for the world of real estate. Just as I ‘read minds’ and anticipate reactions on stage, I apply the same level of intuition and perception to understand the desires and needs of my clients. This uncanny ability to connect on a deeper level allows me to find the perfect properties that align with their aspirations, ensuring a seamless and satisfying real estate experience.

When you choose me as your real estate agent, you’re not just gaining a professional with a knack for understanding people; you’re gaining a local expert with a track record of success. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest in Northern Virginia or Maryland, my commitment to excellence and my unique perspective will guide you through every step of the process. I also like to make the process of working with me fun and would love to show you a ‘trick’ or two along the way.