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No Cost Till Closing Remodeling

Ask our team about remodeling your home at no cost, prior to selling!  The Reston Project partners with contractors that can float the costs on remodeling based on your current equity and predicted market value of your home and, if you qualify, you don’t have to pay anything until closing.  

This is an excellent option for homeowners who have a lot of equity and not a lot of cash.  Call today for a no-obligation consultation and estimate.

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Homeowner Tips

Almost all homes, condos, and townhomes in Reston are governed by an HOA, condo association, or cluster.  It’s important to know the rules for each before diving into renovations, especially exterior modifications.

When you go to sell your home, townhouse, or condo, you will order a resale disclosure packet from any and all applicable HOA, condo, or cluster associations.   As part of the disclosure packet, the associations or management companies will perform a resale inspection.  If you are thinking about listing your home, it’s a good idea to make a list of any exterior modifications you might have made (with or without prior approval).  In many cases, you can get retroactive approval, if needed, by having neighbors agree to the design changes.  It takes at least 2 weeks typically for disclosure packets to be completed by the homeowner’s associations and/or management companies and since most settlement timeframes in this area are between 30-45 days, it’s a great idea to get ahead of the game by cleaning up any paperwork needed on changes you have made during your ownership.

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Bang for the buck

If you are considering updating your home for the sole purpose of resale or with resale in mind, give us a call first.  We have been able to make pragmatic recommendations to our clients that offer bang for the buck based on our market knowledge.  Once we have offered our best advice, we are happy to connect you with a preferred vendor to accomplish everything from junk removal to renovations, and everything in between.  Our mission is not only to price your home when it’s ready to list but to be savvy about the money spent getting your home ready to go on the market.


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