Feras El-Kanouni

Title: Agent Partner

Phone: 202-760-1461

Email: feras@dwellus.com

Feras is proud to call both Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads home. He has established
strong roots in this community, having spent the last 20+ years raising his family here. After
helping to take a startup from infancy to a multi-million dollar acquisition, Feras left executive
leadership to pursue his true passion–Real Estate. He knows the ins and outs of our
Virginia real estate markets and what matters to his clients because he has lived it.
Feras began building out his real estate portfolio at a young age, and offers his clients a
wealth of personal experience. He has spent decades developing his expertise at the
negotiating table and is known for his steadfast commitment to his clients. Backed by
Dwellus, one of the top real estate teams in the country, Feras’ clients receive a curated
experience that does away with the complexities and stress usually involved with real estate
In his free time, Feras loves traveling to every corner of the globe. He grew up on the
Mediterranean Sea so water is his second home. There probably isn’t a beach he met that
he doesn’t like, and he loves playing soccer on sand. He is an adventure junkie, so don’t be
surprised to find him free-fall sky diving, racing dune buggies or on a zipline.

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