Oatlands Historic House and Gardens

On Sunday evening, I had the great pleasure of watching a dear friend get married.  The backdrop was Oatlands Historic House and Gardens in Leesburg, VA.  After two days of downright depressing weather in the DC area, the sun came out with not a trace of humidity and birds were chirping in early fall Virginia perfection.  September can cut every weather pattern in Northern Virginia – from piping hot and humid, to teaser days that feel like fall.  This past Sunday was drop dead gorgeous.

My friend hosted a wedding that somehow perfectly united traditional Indian wedding touches and very American traditions (i.e. line dancing and Journey sing-a-longs).  The garden ceremony was stunning, complete with one of the most beautifully landscaped arbors I’ve seen and the Indian music played as the bride walked down the aisle seemed to pause time.  I felt transported to a very sacred moment that all of us got to witness as they shared their vows.  It’s a luxury you sometimes have as a guest that’s hard to remember on your own wedding day with all of the moving parts and excitement.

Oatlands is a gem among many gems along Route 15 in Virginia.  My first year in real estate I was working with some clients who were looking from Haymarket to Round Hill for the perfect home.  On a perfect fall day we looked at properties in both places and drove the many miles along Route 15 from one to the other.  I was constantly looking left to right enjoying the scenery and just marveling at how spectacular this stretch of Virginia is.  As a family, we love heading a few miles southwest of Reston in the fall to enjoy wineries, apple picking, fall festivals, and embrace any chance to enjoy the cool breeze among picture perfect fall foliage.  After visiting Oatlands for the first time on Sunday, I checked out their website to see their other offerings.  I’ve already added their fall harvest festival to the family calendar on Oct. 22nd.  You can learn more about it here.

Needless to say, there are few moments happier than a wedding.  And when you can marry the one you love in a setting that unites Virginia’s history with an early fall Virginia breeze, you’ve hit the wedding jackpot.

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