In search of the perfect shoe…

I want a shoe that is classic yet chic, not too high, not too low, not too round, not too aggressive, not a wedge, not a toothpick, is comfy but does not look like it was made in the Mojave Desert. I want a shoe that works in spring, summer, and fall, works with dresses and jeans, is too refined for a maxi dress but not too stuffy for fancy shorts.

I want a shoe that I don’t have to try on, that is just my size, and fits like a glove when it arrives in the mail. I want it to be made in some other fashion than with a big screw attaching the sole of the heel to the actual heel so that when my awkward gait wears down said shoe I am not ultimately walking on a screw…Because when you walk on a hard surface with a metal screw, you tend to draw a lot of attention to yourself.

I want a shoe that says “success”…but not Bette Midler in “Big Business” success…just casual Real Estate in and around DC success. I want to be able to walk down my front steps in this shoe and not have the heel get trapped in between my pavers. If I lock myself out of an “open house” and have to crawl beneath a porch to find a spare key, I want this shoe and my smile to exude “effortless.”

I want a shoe I can walk to the bus stop in right when I get home from work.

I want a shoe that has a mate.

The truth is, I need two shoes.

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