A Win-Win Year in Review

If you are going to choose a career that has no specific hours, which many days means all hours, what you quickly find is that work is a feet first, “all in” devotion. There have been a lot of judgments and cautionary tales in the last decade or more about what work-life balance should be. But what if this devotion to your profession improves other facets of your life…or your community?

“Win-win” is a mantra we live and work by at Dwellus. Sure, it’s nice to make a living but looking back on this last year, we feel so proud of our accomplishments and so full of gratitude for the best clients in the world. From charity events, to speaking engagements, to launching Dwellus Luxury, we embraced big changes and big goals. Here’s a look at our 2014….and cheers to an even more exciting 2015! Thank you!!

– Written by our in-house Dwellus blogger, Meg Marsh


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