Ryan Zook: Technology Camp Speaker Extraordinaire!

Ryan Zook wows with Real EstateRyan Zook was recently a speaker at Mega Camp 2013, an international gathering of select real estate professionals that focuses on technology in today’s market place. His talk on branding and marketing was one of the most exciting and energizing, as he shared real examples of how agents can put cutting-edge marketing to work for their business. With Dwellus.com being heralded as one of the most innovative websites out there, he’s uniquely qualified to be a technology camp speaker.

The place to start, according to Ryan Zook, is in selling yourself.  He suggests that agents, or any business owner, for that matter, have a biography or resume ready to send out in whatever format makes the most sense for you and your clients to set expectations.  If you are a real estate agent, you also need to learn to use the latest technology when you’re presenting a plan for selling a home.  Being able to show a home on a sleek iPad, for example, is great.  Knowing how to e-mail an expertly tailored plan is another great way to use technology.

One of the most exciting things that Ryan Zook has incorporated into his website is a 3-D floor plan, 360-degree virtual tours, and a digital slide show for every property listing.  This was one of the most popular ideas of any technology camp speaker.  It allows potential clients to get a very good feel for the kind of properties he sells so that they know they want to work with Ryan Zook.  At Dwellus we’ve found this technology helpful to both buyers and sellers. Would you agree?

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