The Fairfax Hunt in Reston


  • Location: 1321 Lake Fairfax Drive, Reston, Virginia 20190
  • Phone: 703-957-4633

Introducing the Fairfax Hunt

The Fairfax Hunt was founded in 1928, and in 1933 it was officially recognized by the Master of Foxhounds Association. The club was created by the Bowman family, whose intention was to develop a hunting club on their 6,000 acre propriety, the Sunset Hills farm.

Positioned in the proximity of Loudoun County, Village Philomont, Leesburg and Middleburg, the Fairfax Hunt in Reston is a combination of fabulous woodlands, abundant vegetation and stunning pine trees. Also, the jumps are of average heights, generally coops, rail fences and stone walls.

Benefit from Excellent Hunting Sessions at the Fairfax Hunt

The hounds are lodged at Red Hill, nearby Arcola, Virginia, and are hunted by proficient Huntsman Kevin Palmer, whose grandfather was one of the founding members of the hunt. Palmer puts all his efforts into maintaining a complex of American-English hybridized hounds, and in spite of the fact that coyotes have been frequently reported in the surrounding areas, they have never been seen on the Fairfax territory in substantial numbers; therefore, the main quarry remains the red fox.

Also, the members of the Fairfax Hunt are extremely proud of the club’s fascinating history, and old traditions that are attached to this sport. They feel honored to continue this incredible practice even in the modern days. They frequently host some of the most notable fox hunting sessions in the county, and these events are always attended by important figures.

The Fairfax Hunt Territory

The Fairfax territory offers beautiful woodlands, rolling plains, rail and post fences, as well as stone walls, features that make hunting here an extremely engaging activity. Likewise, amid the guests are included several native Virginians, many being part of multi-generational foxhunting families. However, the hunt has still remained a privilege for business leaders, diplomats, military officers, and many other dignitaries from all around the world, who come here to practice one of their favorite activities.

The Fairfax Hunt puts a great emphasis on etiquette and proper turnout, and all officers, masters and even the staff endeavors to honor the long traditions of this sport, as well as the practical considerations to promote a completely safe and delightful day in the hunt field.

Before any hunting session, the attendants are offered advice with regards to what they should wear and thus ensure a safe and engaging activity. Throughout a hunt, the most significant quality of a hunter is safety, and the horse ought to go quietly in group, stop without a fight, wait patiently at all the checks, and jump without any refusals. Also, the horse is supposed to look clean and well trimmed, as well as appropriately tucked up during the cold season.

As you can see, the Fairfax Hunt in Reston, Virginia, is an exclusivist club with a lot to offer. The exquisite services and the hunting sessions are only meant for professionals who have been doing this sport for years, and who are fond of the whole hunting process.


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