The Dwellus Group Helped Mike with Northern Virginia Real Estate

As Northern Virginia real estate experts, The Dwellus Group has gained notoriety in local circles for the innovative techniques we employ in buying and selling Northern Virginia homes. We’ve even been featured on the HGTV show “House Hunters.” Still, there are people, friends of yours even, who don’t understand why they NEED us to help sell their Northern Virginia real estate. People like, Mike, featured in the video below.

You see, Mike is like many of us. He’s a do-it-yourself-er. Mike is good at many, many things. He is highly regarded in his industry, has an ever growing social network, and is a master at planning out projects, from the landscaping in his front yard to timing the succession of channel surfing when watching sports.

So, when it came time for Mike to sell his home so he could relocate, he was confident. “I got this,” he thought.

But, Mike was not a real estate agent and Mike was not well-versed in the latest technology and marketing aspects needed to sell a Northern Virginia home. Late one night Mike was searching for new homes when he finally realized that selling Northern Virginia real estate was harder than he thought.

He also knew his new job in a new town started in 60 days and he needed to find a new home. He recognized that he knew nothing about how to relocate.

So, Mike called the Dwellus Group. Knowing that our team (and he needed team effort at this point!) was in the Top 1% of Northern Virginia and DC Metro Area real estate agents, Mike turned to the best (us).

Guess what? Mike was successful! He was able to start packing right away because the Dwellus Group SOLD HIS HOME and Mike has since relocated.

Mike found out what many of you already know.


The Dwellus Team works harder.

The Dwellus Team is expert in Northern Virginia real estate – whether your home is in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, or Reston.

The Dwellus Team uses the latest Northern Virginia home search tools.

The Dwellus Team LOVES success!

Get started on buying or selling your home with The Dwellus Team.

The Dwellus Team will get your home SOLD!

Oh, and please refer us to any “Mikes” you may know, too!

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