Northern Virginia Homes Near Paradise Springs Winery


  • The Paradise Springs Winery located in the tranquil region of Clifton, VA, is near Northern Virginia homes and also on the edge of the Fairfax County.  The winery spreads over 36 acres of land borders the Bull Run River and Hemlock Regional Park, and was originally owned by Lord Fairfax in 1716.
  • The name Paradise Springs is borrowed from the history books of Clifton, and it used to be the designation of a very famous mineral spring, situated in the west side of the town. About a hundred years ago, Clifton used to be a very popular resort destination, visited by local celebrities, including presidents and generals. However, in 1904 it was discovered that the water from the Paradise Springs is extremely pure, and that it can be drunk; therefore, it started being bottled and sold. It was famous for being bottled in bright, colorful recipients that had the word “paradise” blown into the glass, and everyone appreciated the quality of the water.

Unfortunately, after several years it lost its popularity, and the business vanished, leaving behind only the name, Paradise Springs, which still is used today as one of the finest wineries in the country.

The Paradise Springs Winery Experience

This elegant, exclusive location is excellent for people who appreciate fine wines, the wine making process, and varied tastes. Everyone is invited to visit the winery, and attend one of the tours that are available daily for half an hour. Reservations need to be made in advance so there will be enough space and wine for everyone.

Get ready to taste some of the most aromatic, soft and powerful wines of the region, that will surely delight your senses. During the tour you will be accompanied by a specialized educator, who will offer guidance during the tasting experience, and will provide you with all sorts of interesting information about the wines and their secretive making process.

Latest Wine Collections For Your Northern Virginia Homes

Visitors will also be invited to have a closer look at the latest wine collections available at the Paradise Springs Winery. Currently, among their best white wines are Sommet Blanc, from 2011; a delicious wine with a subtle floral flavor and a touch of tropical fruit notes can intrigue your senses. It is perfectly balanced, and has a persistent finish. A  fine red wine from 2011 is Cabernet Franc, which is considered to be one of the best wines in Virginia. It has a strong mineral feeling, a fruity aroma of vanilla & cherry, perfectly equilibrated by the spicy flavors of tobacco and black pepper.

The above mentioned wines are just a couple of suggestions, as the Paradise Springs Winery features numerous other varieties. Choose a year, a color, and search for the aroma you mostly enjoy; visit the winery to taste it as the experience is not just for connoisseurs, but also for wine fans who want to know more about the community and its surroundings lands.  Located near Northern VIrginia homes at 13219 Yates Ford Road, in Clifton, you can also visit the winery online of by phone at 703.830.9463.

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