Northern Virginia Home to a Great Nature Hike Getaway


Huntley Meadows Park, located near your Northern Virginia home, is a beautiful natural island, positioned in the core of Hybla Valley, in Fairfax County. Found in a lovely suburban area, the nature park encompasses 1,425 acres of land, and features a wide array of wildflowers, charming meadows, splendid forests and infinite wetlands.

From the Huntley Meadows Park observation tower, visitors can admire the wetlands area, from the tiny frogs, herons, and beavers to the colorful dragonflies. The park is renowned for its 200 unique bird species, and for the wide range of outdoor activities available. The Huntley Meadows Park is not only an excellent place for recreation, but also is a fine venue for bird watching, hiking, and spending time with your dear ones in the middle of the nature.

The Huntley Meadows Park Wetlands – a Natural Treasure Near Your Northern Virginia Home

Huntley Meadows Park & Wetlands are an amazing asset to the landscape surrounding Northern Virginia homes.  It was cherished back in 1825, as well, by George Mason IV, who used it for his plantations, and who built  his Northern Virginia home in its shadow.  Today, the residence is known as Historic Huntley, and is recorded in the National Register of Historic Places.Owned by the Mason family and Henry Woodhouse, in 1920, a prestigious entrepreneur who pieced together all the previously sold land that had been scattered across 1,500 acres to ten different landowners. Intending to convert Hybla Valley into an important airship base, unfortunately Woodhouse’s dream didn’t come true, and a few years later his propriety was acquired by the government.

The Huntley Meadows Park – an Excellent Hiking Spot

Currently, the Huntley Meadows Park comprises more than ten miles of well-maintained trails, and numerous outdoor activities. After the government donated the land to Fairfax County in 1975, the area was almost immediately populated by beavers, resultinin water flow changes in the area. More than 200,000 vistors journey to Huntley Meadows each year. currently a restoration project is underway to secure the biodiversity of the wetlands and preserve the local natural resources.  To find out more, please click here.

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