Purcellville Home to Historic Train Station

Purcellville is a town in Loundon County, Virginia. As of the 2010 census, nearly 8,000 people called Purcellville home. A town with a rich history, many of the buildings in Purcellville continue to be constructed in the traditional Victorian architecture that was popular at the turn of the century.

The Purcellville Train Station remains one of the town’s main attractions, and is located in the downtown business district near Washington and Old Dominion Trail. It is the largest train station in Loudon County. In May of 2010, the Purcellville Train Station was listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. National Park Service. The train station was built in 1904, and used as a Southern Railway line. In 1993 the Purcellville Train Station was acquired by the Purcellville Preservation Association with funds donated by local civic groups and businesses.

The Purcellville Preservation Association restored the Purcellville Train Station and was able to provide services to the users of the trail at Washington and Old Dominion, as well. An Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act grant was issued for contractors to complete additional work on the station between August 1998 and September 1999. The restoration included restroom facilities for guests, as well as meeting rooms and spaces for social gatherings near Purcellville homes. The Purcellville Train Station now has a small kitchen area for food prep, a water fountain and benches on the property for users of the Washington and Old Dominion trail, as well as the general public, bringing it once again into an active part of the Purcellville community life.

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