Does Color Influence Your Northern Virginia Home?

Color is everywhere around us – it would be difficult to imagine a world without it. But did you know that each of those colors has its own psychological and physical impact on people? Everyone whether they live in a Northern Virginia Home or on a remote island in Indonesia reacts to color in their own way, and the study of this field is often referred to as “color psychology”.

How Does Color Psychology Impact My Northern Virginia Home?

Many factors can influence how we perceive and react to color. Experts have been researching this for many years but still have not been able to exactly predict just how people will feel or react to the colors around them. Several things can influence how a person responds to color including culture, age, experience, emotional state and even how different colors are combined together.

The study of color psychology goes beyond the academic and can influence choices you make about the colors around you. This is particularly true if you are selling your Northern Virginia home. The colors you choose to feature in your home could have a direct impact on how your home is perceived by potential buyers and ultimately may affect how quickly your Northern Virginia home sells.

With this in mind, consider how color psychology can aid you in selling your home. The colors that you choose for both the inside and the outside of your home will be felt and perceived by buyers in different ways, but don’t let that stop you from applying a fresh coat of paint before your Northern Virginia house hits the market.

Exterior Colors

The most important aspect to color selection when selling your home is what the buyer will prefer. It doesn’t matter if hot pink is your favorite color, you should not paint your house that color. Color selection should be focused on appealing to the largest group of potential buyers. For your home’s exterior, white is often a safe bet. But it is important to consider the overall look of your neighborhood and choose a hue that blends well. Safe choices for exterior color include:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Tan/Brown
  • Blue
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

Neutral hues are recommended and help the home look fresh, clean and spacious. For trim, shutters and doors there is more freedom. Here bright blues and reds often work well. If you are unable to paint the entire exterior, focus on these elements as they will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Interior Colors

Color psychology is just as important on the inside of your Northern Virginia home when you are selling. Light, neutral colors help to make rooms look bright and spacious. Off-white is a wonderful choice. If you are unable to paint all the rooms in your home, start with the ones that buyers will enter first. Next tackle any problem areas or smaller rooms, the light color will help them to appear larger.

Market Your Color

If you’ve gone to the trouble to repaint, make sure to add that information to ads, flyers and listings for your home. Be sure to note when the job was completed and the quality of the paint that was used.

For just a little time, money and effort, updating your home’s interior and exterior paint can be one of the best things you can do to help your Northern Virginia home sell. Choose neutral colors that fit in with the other homes in the neighborhood and use the best quality paint you can afford.

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