Reston Museum Showcases Art for Your Northern Virginia Home

 Locally known as the RHT (or Reston Historic Trust), this non–profit organization was established in 1996, bringing beauty to those who live in Northern Virginia. It is an institution that works for the Reston community and supports the history of the planned, innovative and award-winning region of Reston. RHT runs the Reston Shop and Museum and offers all kinds of public events, archives, art workshops for children, exhibits and walking tours. At the same time, the museum provides various Reston signature items, crafts and art for sale, allowing you to find just the right item for your Northern Virginia home. There is a professional staff that conducts the educational programs and most of them take place in Virginia, the District of Reston.

The Mission of the Reston Museum and the Reston Historic Trust is to use these educational programs to influence the future, inform the present and preserve the past. In addition, these institutions want to encourage the public to explore the history of their community and make Reston a key touristic destination. Last but not least, the Reston Museum works to interpret, preserve and collect the documents and artifacts of Reston’s history.

The Reston Museum was opened in November 1997 in Lake Anne Plaza. Its first exhibit included the Reston Model measuring 11 feet by 8 feet. This model was created in 1990 and the exhibit also featured a blue and brown quilt manufactured by 100 eighth graders. The quilt was made to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Reston. The same day, the Museum launched various lectures, art workshops and programs. In time, the Reston Museum’s collection of art, exhibits, photographs, written materials and artifacts expanded. Moreover, it was rehabilitated and renovated in 2009 and now it is housed in a modern location; hence, all the exhibits are showcased in interactive, dynamic and new ways in order to appeal to the public as much as possible.

In November and December of 2012, the Reston Museum is featuring a couple of interesting exhibits and events. The Art Exhibit is one of them. It will end on November 11th and features a documentary film about the public art near Reston homes. The exhibit will also include different posters, paintings and works of art made by local artists. There will be a couple of panels that will provide information and photos of the artists. Another interesting program is the Nature Walk. This program will take place on November 10th and features a hike to the Rocky Outcrops. During the hike, the participants will find out more details about these rocks. The hike includes the Lake Audubon and Twin Branches trails, and the whole adventure will certainly be uplifting and extremely interesting if you live in Reston.

The Reston Museum also holds numerous history lectures. One of them will take place on November 29th. Attendees will have the chance to find out more about the history of their community and even some homes in Reston. The presenters will be Chuck Veatch and Peter McCandless. In December, the Museum’s events connect with the holiday season, including the Holiday Walk and Celebration on December 8th. Residents will share local holiday traditions and will join the Lights Walk. The day’s events will end at the Reston Museum with a sing-along featuring international carols, making for an all-around great time!

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