Live in Reston Virginia? Community Center Has Something for Everyone

Established in 1979, the Reston Community Center (RCC) brings the people of all ages who live in Reston Virginia together in a leisurely fashion. Offering more than 2,000 programs and events annually, the RCC accomplishes its goal of creating a “sense of place”. The Community Center ties the people who live in Reston Virginia together.

Close proximity of businesses and other venues to Reston homes is very convenient and free parking for all the facilities is available, as an added bonus. The RCC is funded by the tax revenues from Small District 5, and therefore entitles residents and people working within the area to great discounts.  Residents who live in Reston enjoy the benefits and resources that come with these greatly subsidized rates.

RCC Offers So Much – It’s a Joy to Live in Reston Virginia

The Reston Community Center is part of the Reston experience. It offers incomparable value when it comes to personal enrichment, as well as community connection. There are indeed a lot of things to enjoy at this place. RCC is a haven for fun and fitness for all ages.  Kids and adults have the chance to develop skills, learn new ones, explore more creative ideas, and discover new places.   A number of classes and activities are available to inspire the body, mind and spirit for individuals and groups who call Reston home.

Some of the most popular programs offered at RCC are the Aquatics classes. Here you can take a dip or plunge into the RCC’s huge variety of fun in the pool. Learn how to swim, add new stroking styles to your skills, or try a water exercise class. You have a chance to become a certified Life Guard or a swimming instructor, as well. No matter what your proficiency level is when it comes to swimming, there’s a specific RCC Aquatics program right for you.

The RCC programs change every season and you can check available classes or programs, with WebTrac by clicking here to find the one you would like to join. Registration can be done online, too, or you can fax your completed registration form to 703-476-2488. You can also stop by the center to enroll in a class near your home in Reston.  Have a great time!


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