Thirteen Tips for Staging Your Home

After collecting tips from many different staging experts and interior designers, we compiled a list of the top staging techniques to use when selling your home.


1. Rid your home of all the clutter!

2. Clean out your closets to show off all of the storage space your home has to offer.

3. Make your living room appear larger by bringing the sofas and chairs away from the walls into conversational groupings

4. Add an armchair, small desk, shelves, or other simple pieces to give rooms a purpose that otherwise were used to collect junk

5. Increase the light in your home to make it more welcoming by increasing the wattage of your light bulbs and adding more lights.

6. Make two adjacent rooms appear larger by painting them the same color. This gives them the illusion that it is one big room.

7. Mix up what you hang on your wall. If you only have a row of pictures hung in the standard straight line, they are not noticed and do not add any flare to the room. Vary the grouping of art and other hangings you have.

8. Bold wall colors may reduce offers on your home, so warm and neutral colors are definitely suggested.

9. Repair any flooring that is unfinished or cracked, because the cost of fixing this is often much less than the amount that the buyer will deduct from their asking price.

10. Spruce up your bathroom by placing clean towels and decorative baskets, candles, lotions etc.

11. Make your house smell great by grinding a lemon in the garbage disposal or baking fresh bread prior to your open house.

12. A fresh coat of paint will go a long way.

13. Replace any old carpets that have trapped pet or other odors to expunge your home of any unpleasant smells that may deter a buyer.

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