Kitchen Improvements

In a recent Keller Williams team meeting, the topic of kitchen improvements came about when discussing returns on investments before selling your home. Recent research has found that 85% of renovation investments that people make on their homes before selling are not returned. However, investments on kitchens often return a bigger proportion of the investment. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house, and is often the first place buyers look at when deciding on a home. Therefore, it is crucial to place an extra emphasis on revamping and modernizing your kitchen. According to Realtor Magazine, a full kitchen renovation costs, on average, $111,000. For those of you on a tight budget, do not lose hope yet! There are a myriad of ways to improve your kitchen without spending an arm and a leg.
Realtor Magazine compiled a list of twelve low-cost ideas to fix up your kitchen in a short period of time. We have summed up this list to save you time, so you can get to work on your kitchen even sooner!

Paint your kitchen to match the other natural hues that you know will remain at the end of your renovation. For example, paint to match the floor tile or use the same color as the adjacent family room.

Replace backsplash tiles between your cabinets and the countertops, and run them vertically instead of horizontally.

Replace a couple countertops with a textured laminate as a cheaper alternative to granite.

Replace some outdated appliances with affordable stainless steel products.

Focus on only a couple of appliances if you cannot afford to replace all of them. For example, focus on the refrigerator or the stove tops since they are often the larger focal points in any kitchen.

Add more light with a decorative chandelier, recessed lighting, and under cabinet lights.

Replace your floor tiles with larger tiles without busy patterns on them. If you prefer wood flooring, try bamboo, cork, or use the same type of wood that is already elsewhere in your home.

Replace the doors or paint your cabinets if they are dark and outdated. Even adding newer knobs can make a difference for your cabinets.

Be sure to have an open closet with shelves that can be used as a pantry.

Take down a wall between the kitchen and an adjacent room if your kitchen is small and crowded. If this is not a possibility, changing your windows and doors or adding more windows to improve lighting is a good idea.

If you have room for an island in your kitchen, buy a stainless steel, counter-height table from a restaurant supply store that has a shelf underneath it.

If your budget permits, hire an architect or designer who specializes in kitchens to draw a layout to give you a direction for your renovation.

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