Dwellus on House Hunters

The Dwellus Group is so excited to announce that we have a celebrity realtor on the team! Tune into House Hunters on HGTV later this summer to watch our very own Dwellus Group team leader, Ryan Zook, as he helps Jennifer and Billy Gulley search for their dream home! For those of you who have never seen this show, it consists of families and individuals deciding between three properties to buy. At the conclusion of every show, the new homeowner gives a tour of the home they chose and shows any changes they made after moving in. Ryan dedicated an entire weekend to filming this episode at the beginning of June, so we are very excited to see the end product of all of his, Jennifer, and Billy’s hard work! We will keep you updated when this episode is set to air. Break a leg, Ryan!

Click here watch episodes of House Hunters online or to view their program schedule.

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In this show, sellers are given $2,000 and the advice from a team of experts in order to transform their home into a desirable property. Watch this show for interior-design ideas and home improvement tips from the experts and increase the value of your home one room at a time. Tune in Weeknights at 6/5c.

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