Meg Marsh

Title: Realtor / Copywriter

Brokerage: KW Reston

Franchise: Keller Williams Realty

Phone: 202-258-8466


Meg joined The Dwellus Group in 2013 with many years of commercial construction management experience. Since joining Dwellus, Meg has sold an average of $10M-$12M in Real Estate annually. She was listed as a Top Agent in Northern Virginia Magazine’s March 2017 edition and takes great pride in the knowledge and experience gained from this success.

Meg has a unique approach to client care and fully embraces negotiating on all levels. Licensed in DC and VA, Meg loves the dynamic market in the DC metro area. Her track record for winning competitive bids for buyers is proven and her ability to help sellers choose the strongest offer in a seller’s market results in trusted success for her clients. Ultimately, Meg has a passion for finding all the possibilities available, giving her clients the most thorough analysis, and helping guide their decision making.

Meg grew up in Alexandria, VA and graduated from UVA in 2002. She has lived in Reston since 2005 and enjoys everything this area has to offer with her husband and two daughters. She is an avid writer, contributing to the Dwellus website copy as well as helping other Keller Williams agents across the U.S. on their website writing content.

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The Big Why

October 26, 2017

I work for an organization, Keller Williams Realty, that is always asking “why” do we do what we do? This business is exciting and dynamic and very challenging, especially on a psychological level. As a Realtor, you must be prepared to be really good at your job and still not get everyone’s business. You can […]

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Lake Anna Oasis

October 18, 2017

Lake Anna is a special place that I first visited in 2014. That first trip down was raucous experience with a handful of colleagues from Dwellus. We went on boat rides, road jet skis, swam in the lake, dove off the dock, ate steamed crabs, fell off our bar stools, and enjoyed some Zen time […]

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How did we get here? Being a mom.

October 14, 2017

This blog post is dedicated to my beautiful sister-in-law Melissa. She is a dedicated mom to my niece and nephew and has demonstrated a remarkable energy and focus on their health and development since they were born very prematurely almost 5 years ago. It seems almost impossible that they will turn 5 in a few […]

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Ways your kids can make a difference

October 3, 2017

  This blog post is dedicated to Lacy. We’ve known each other since high school and I’ve always enjoyed her sincerity, humor, and salt-of-the-earth honesty. We haven’t seen each other in years but with our West Potomac HS Class of ’98 twenty-year reunion right around the corner, I hope we can share some laughs in […]

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Date Nights

September 27, 2017

This blog post is dedicated to Angela Cramer. I first met Angela because we are both LANK moms. LANK is the oldest preschool in Reston (over 50 years old!). Angela is authentic and fun loving and I must admit I thought she was pretty straight laced until I saw her break it down on stage […]

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Camping with Kids

September 26, 2017

This blog post is dedicated to Ariana. I met Ariana Gillette when she joined the Dwellus Group. She is an exceptional Realtor with every connection you could possibly need (cleaners, contractors, specialty vendors). Ariana asked me to write a blog post about camping with kids. Here goes… I have never gone camping with kids. I […]

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Hail to fall, hail to the Redskins!

September 20, 2017

Fall is always a nostalgic time for me. I can go back as far as I can remember and think of the first days of school each year, each place I’ve lived on a crystal clear early fall day, and all the fun days of pumpkin patches, apple picking, Oshkosh overalls, and cozy family time. […]

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For my friend, on 9/11/17

September 11, 2017

I was a Fourth year at the University of Virginia on September 11, 2001.  It was a gorgeous early fall day in Charlottesville and I was getting ready to go to my internship job at the Leadership Development Center.  I was lucky to have a TV in my bedroom that year and I always watched […]

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Low Rates for the Taking

September 8, 2017

For the last 2 years, I’ve been hearing from various sources that we should be preparing for rates to increase, especially as we see unemployment rates improve. I think most speculators will honestly say there are so many variables that one factor alone cannot be an accurate predictor of what rates will do. Only the […]

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Oatlands Historic House and Gardens

September 6, 2017

On Sunday evening, I had the great pleasure of watching a dear friend get married.  The backdrop was Oatlands Historic House and Gardens in Leesburg, VA.  After two days of downright depressing weather in the DC area, the sun came out with not a trace of humidity and birds were chirping in early fall Virginia […]

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